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Enterprise Control System - InFusion | Business Optimization 

Enterprise Control

In the simplest terms, Enterprise Control is the synchronization of business strategy with production execution in real-time. This means that we can apply the principles of optimization to a business, while operating within a set of interrelated constraints.

Enterprise Control weaves the fabric for this synchronization, by supporting the alignment of all of the Operational Excellence areas – Environment and Safety, People, Asset and Control, with a strong emphasis on empowering your most critical asset – your people.  
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InFusion Enterprise Control System

InFusion is the Invensys delivery mechanism for Enterprise Control, and the vehicle for the journey towards business optimization and operational excellence. InFusion provides you with a true aggregated view of information across the organization, giving your company the best possible foundation for collaboration between people, processes and systems. 

Equally important, InFusion flexibly embraces and extends your unique combination of existing automation and information investments – no matter their age or vendor.  Read More

Explore The InFusion Components

Invensys offers a comprehensive portfolio and the ability to fully embrace current investments to create your Enterprise Control System.  Learn More