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Foxboro Evo. The Evolution of the I/A Series system.

For decades the Foxboro I/A Series® distributed control system has helped shape our industry and changed the way our clients work, proudly improving plant-wide operations, performance and asset utilization in the manufacturing enterprise. Today the I/A Series system has evolved into a process automation system that will, again, change everyone–Foxboro Evo. Foxboro Evo extends proven I/A Series technology, Foxboro control expertise and leverages Triconex safety solutions to even further protect your plant’s operational integrity, enhance the operational insight of your people and future-proof your business. Foxboro Evo extends the Continuously Current philosophy, maintaining multi-generation interoperability and ensuring easy upgrades for our I/A Series customers installed base. Learn more about the I/A Series evolution below.



Foxboro Evo named Breakthrough Product of 2013

The Foxboro Evo system promises to improve the ability of plant personnel on every level to address those issues. Novel in its method of unifying control and safety technology, user interfaces and productivity applications, we are pleased to recognize it as a Breakthrough Product of 2013.


Controllers and I/O families

Foxboro Control & I/O sub-system combines seamless, fully integrated control with a powerful set of tools. Read More

Engineering Software

Intuitive configuration tools and flexible design capabilities to reduce your workload and reduce project risk. Read More

Operator Software

A visualization environment that eliminates operational error, improves responsiveness, and increases productivity. Read More

Maintenance Software and Fieldbus Technology

Foxboro fieldbus interoperability and any bus strategy meets the varying needs of the diverse process automation market.
Read More

Cyber Security

A secure control infrastructure and program designed to protect your facility’s most critical assets - your people, your intellectual property and your equipment.
Read More

Migration and upgrades

Specifically designed to avoid the high cost, high risk and extended downtime of typical replacement solutions. Read More

Control Network

A 1Gb Mesh network that protects against multiple faults, provides more powerful control processors, workstations and highly intuitive design environments. Read More

Virtualization Technology

Break the bonds of system lifecycle constraints -Experience true operational agility and production schedule integrity throughout your system’s life cycle with virtualization technology. Read More

Real-time Enterprise Control

Run your plant with enterprise insight ensuring future-proof operations for lowest total cost of ownership, and real-time collaboration for overall business profitability. Read More