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Refineries are finding it difficult to compete in today’s global economy, whether it is due to increasingly heavy feedstock, inexperienced operators, or sub-optimal operating conditions. SimSci understands these difficulties, and offers solutions to address each problem. Refiners find a liability in inexperienced and undertrained operators, who risk not only the safety of refinery personnel but also the plant’s profitability. In order to reduce the trend of inexperienced operators, refineries must ensure effective and efficient training for employees. 

SimSci offers different levels of Operator Training Simulators (OTS) that can train operators using a dynamic simulation of the plant, based on DYNSIM, that behaves exactly like the plant. On top of the DYNSIM simulation, graphical interfaces that are identical to the real plant are displayed to get the operators more familiar with the plant control room environment. Additionally, EYESIM enhances the theoretical and conceptual side of training by making it more realistic and tangible by allowing the trainee to become familiar with the layout of the physical plant.

SimSci is using virtual reality to make your operators brilliant.

Processing Heavy and Extra Heavy Oils

The nature of refining is continually changing with increasing global demand and feedstock supplies that are
becoming heavier and more difficult to process. In addition to this, increasing governmental regulatory oversight and
environmental constraints on emissions heavily impact refining operations. To maximize profitability, refiners are faced
with constant decisions to vary their operations to suit the feedstock.

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Processing Heavy and Extra Heavy Oils

Download the whitepaper on the problems and solutions of processing heavy and extra heavy oils.

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