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Industrial Cyber Security Services


Industrial Cyber Security Services

Industrial Cyber Security is the ability to control and prevent unauthorized external or internal access to critical infrastructure systems with a priority of protecting computers, networks, and data from vulnerabilities and attacks utilizing a combination of people, process, and technology. Schneider Electric’s approach also increases performance and availability by combining our professional OT and IT experience.

Key Benefits

  • Securely protect your DCS, ESD or SCADA system
  • Ability to work with both IT departments and 3rd party security solution providers
  • Receive a suite of appropriate Cyber Security controls in an OT environment to increase availability by protecting the OT systems from accidental or malicious harm

Key Capabilities

  • Our expertise includes personnel that are industry and vendor certified, from globally recognized and highly respected organizations
  • Security Consulting Engineers have the required experience of both IT and OT systems that allows them to seamlessly merge these distinctly different areas of technology
Industrial Cyber Security Services 

Security Engineering

Security Consulting

Industrial Cyber Security Training

Security Maintenance