PC20-Upgrade v2-3 Readme File

Release Notes for Foxboro Model PC20
Intelligent Field Device Configurator

Version: PC20 V2.3 / Upgrade via www.foxboro.com
Build: The Version/Build Information is displayed in the
Startup Screen and in the Help - About Dialog.

The Model PC20 Intelligent Field Device Configurator (IFDC) is
a software package providing remote bi-directional communications
with Foxboro and Foxboro Eckardt Intelligent field devices with
FoxCom, HART or Profibus protocol. The software program
communicates with various microprocessor-based field devices
using a FoxCom, HART modem or a PROFIBUS Interface card
from Softing AG.

The features and benefits of this configurator software
are described in Master Instruction 020_495.pdf which is
available as a download from the Foxboro web site
www.foxboro.com. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to
view these documents. A free copy of the Adobe software
is also available from the Foxboro web site.

The Master Instruction contains a detailed description of
all PC20 features, restrictions and notes. The complete list
of all supported devices is also in this document.

This readme file describes only the difference compared
to the last PC20 Release 2.0.

Software Upgrade from V1.0 or V2.0 to V2.3
CAUTION: The PC20 V2.3 download from the Foxboro web site
is for use by customers who have purchased V1.0 or V2.0. It does
not work if your last installation was a Beta version.
The download software will only work properly if V1.0 or V2.0 has
been successfully installed on the computer before trying to
install the V2.3 upgrade.

System Requirements
The PC20 Configurator is designed to run from a Windows-
compatible PC (Pentium with 16 MB RAM or better computer)
with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows 95
with a serial communication port.

On Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT you need to have
users access rights on your PC to run the PC20 software.

The program cannot be used with Windows 3.1 or
Windows CE operating system.

If other applications installed in the system set non-standard
serial drivers, the PC20 serial drivers may not work or may cause

Windows 98/ME are not Foxboro approved corporate software
operating systems, and therefore have not been tested.

Minimum Computer Requirements

  • 133 MHz Pentium with 32 MB RAM or better
  • Windows 95, NT, 2000 or XP operating system
  • 4x CD-ROM Drive (8x recommended)
  • Hard drive with 16 MB of space for PC20
  • RS-232 Serial Port (COM1 or COM2)
  • Parallel Port (LPT1 or LPT2) to print reports
  • Mouse or compatible pointing device

PC20 Installation

Hardware Installation for FoxCom and HART
Attach your FoxCom or HART modem to your computer serial port
(COM1 or COM2). If the computer serial port has a 25-pin
connector, use a 25 to 9 pin adapter. The FoxCom modem supplied
with the DOS based PC10 software and the HART modem (MOD991)
supplied with the ABO991 software can be used with the PC20
software. In addition, a HART PCMCIA modem can be used, as long
as it is configured as COM1 or COM2.

It is possible to use COM port 3 and COM port 4 but you must
determine and enter the Base Port Address ((hex) and the
Interrupt Request (IRQ) data. Foxboro does not recommend using
COM3 or COM4 unless absolutely necessary.

Hardware Installation for the Infrared wireless communication
For the IR interface you need the following product:
ACTiSYS IR Wireless Interface: ACT-IR220Lplus
from ACTiSYS Corporation (see http://www.actisys.com/ for more

Connect the ACT-IR220Lplus interface to the serial port.
You do not need to install any software delivered with the
ACTiSYS IR Wireless Interface.

Hardware Installation for PROFIBUS
To connect your PC to a PROFIBUS PA device (e.g. SRD991, 140 Series) you need the following components:

1. A Profibus Interface Card from Softing AG with the PAPI
software interface. For a desktop PC the following interface
cards could be used:

  • PROFIboard ISA Master/Slave (PB-IF-03)
  • PROFIboard PCI Master/Slave (PB-IF-1MS)
  • PROFIboard PCI with 1xMaster and 1xMaster/Slave (PB-IF-2MS)

For a LapTop it could be

  • PCcard (PCMCIA) for Type II slots:
    PROFIcard Master (PB-PCcard)

2. A Segment coupler for PROFIBUS-PA for example from
Pepperl+Fuchs (KFD2-BR-Ex1.2PA.93).
This coupler is needed to couple the PROFIBUS-DP side
(supported by the Softing interface cards) with the
PROFIBUS-PA devices in the PROFIBUS-PA segment.

PC20 Software Installation
On Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT you need to have
administrator access rights on your PC to install the
PC20 software.

Close all open programs before starting installation.

Install the CD-ROM in your computer and select:
Control Panel
Add/Remove Programs

Then follow instructions to install the PC20 program using
d:\Setup as the command (assuming that CD drive is d:)

The installation procedure is automatic and prompts you
for necessary information. The installation program verifies
that the PC has the hardware and memory necessary to load
and run PC20. After installation is complete, reboot your

If the install procedure does not work properly, do the following:
- Start Installation again. For the installation directory select
the same path as for the first try.
If you still have problem, contact Foxboro

There will be one icon added to the desktop, namely
PC20 V2.3

This icon is for use with FoxCom, HART, and Profibus protocol devices.

If you do not find the icon on the desktop please rearrange
the icons on your desktop. It might be hidden behind another icon.

The installation procedure also adds entries in the start menu
under START-PROGRAMS-FOXBORO with the same option to start PC20.

It is also possible to copy the PC20 installation files on
diskettes and install PC20 from floppy disks. Copy
data5.cab on disk5, data4.cab on disk4, data3.cab on disk3,
data2.cab on disk2 and the rest of the files on disk1.
Disk5 contains dynamic link libraries (dll - files) which on
most computers are already installed. Therefore the installation
program might not ask for disk5.

Software Installation for PROFIBUS
For the PROFIboard or PROFIcard the appropriate driver
and PROFIBUS Control Panel from Softing has to be installed.
Please refer to the User Manual from Softing for detailed
Installation description.
Before you start PC20 for PROFIBUS please check if the
PROFIBUS interface card is working correct.
Go to Control Panel - PROFIBUS: The PROFIBUS Control
Panel software from Softing should show a green check
mark at the chosen interface card Node.
If you have any problems installing the Softing interface
software please contact Softing AG:
Phone +49 (0)89 4 56 56-0
Email support.communication@softing.com

How to start PROFIBUS configuration
Before PC20 is able to connect to a PROFIBUS device it is
necessary to configure the PROFIBUS parameters (Master address,
Baud rate, bus timing, Slave addresses, etc.) with the
PROFIBUS Configuration dialog (select File - Profibus
Configuration). The needed information about the slaves
(slave address and a name) have to be entered in the second page
of the PROFIBUS Configuration dialog. The list may contain the
information about all slaves in the segment.
The PROFIBUS Configuration will be stored in a *.PBC file
with the Save Button. It is possible to store several
PROFIBUS Configuration files for different segments and
buses. Select with Open the wished configuration file.

The PC20 installation comes with a PROFIBUS Configuration
file named proficonf_PF.PBC (in the subdirectory data)
for a configuration with a Pepperl+Fuchs segment coupler.
Of course you need to change the slave list in this
configuration and enter the addresses of your slaves.

To connect to a certain device select the slave device
with the appropriate slave address in the slave list and press
the Connect button. The program leaves the configuration
dialog and connects to the selected device. From now on PC20
will connect to this device with the menu selection
File - Connect to Device. If you want to connect to a different
slave enter the PROFIBUS Configuration dialog again and
select another slave.

Field Devices Supported

FoxCom Protocol
Pressure: 140, 240, 820, 860, and I/A Series Pressure
Temperature: RTT10, RTT20, and TI20 Series
Magnetic Flow: IMT10, IMT20, IMT25, IMT25L and IMT96 Series
Mass Flow: CFT10 and CFT15 Series
Vortex: 83 Series
Electrochemical: 870ITEC, 870ITPH, and 870ITCR Series
Buoyancy: 140, 240 Series
Valve Positioner: SRD991, SRD960, SRD970, and NAF LinkIT

HART Protocol (Foxboro Devices)
Pressure: 130, 140, 240 and Foxboro I/A Series system Pressure,
Invensys I/A Series system Pressure, and
Viatran I/A Series system Pressure
Temperature: RTT20 and TI20 Series
Magnetic Flow: IMT25 and IMT25L Series
Vortex: 83 Series
Buoyancy: 130 and 140, 240 Series
Valve Positioner: SRD991, SRD960, SRD970, and NAF LinkIT

Profibus Protocol (Foxboro Devices):

  • Buoyancy: 140 and 240 Series (PROFIBUS-PA)
  • Intelligent Positioner: SRD991, SRD960, SRD970, an NAF LinkIT
    (all PROFIBUS-PA)

Non-Foxboro HART Devices
PC20 can only perform the HART Universal and
Common Practice Commands for non-Foxboro HART devices.
A thorough knowledge of the device is needed to apply certain
Universal and Common Practice commands to a device. Please use
with extreme care.


  • Support for Windows 2000
  • Support for Windows XP
  • I/A Pressure: Add new Subtype for IAP: IGP10 -B
  • I/A Pressure: Add unit 'Special' for IAP HART Xmtr
  • Added support for 240 Series FoxCom and HART devices
  • Support of the download of SRD Language files
    which allows to replace the local display menu language
    for FoxCom, HART and Profibus positioner.
  • Add support for Infrared interface (IRCOM) to configure the
  • Add support for SRD960 FoxCom
  • Add support for 244 LD (FoxCom and HART, Profibus)
  • Display the Protocol in the title of each window
  • Support for SRD960 HART (Firmware Rev 14 needed)
  • Support for SRD970 HART (Firmware Rev 14 needed)
  • Support for NAF LinkIT HART (Firmware Rev 14 needed)
  • Support for Viatran I/A Pressure (not Pre-Configuration)
  • Support HART INVENSYS Pressure Transmitter
  • Support for SRD960 Profibus-PA
  • Enhanced Generic HART configuration dialogs
  • Support Multi-range Pressure Transmitter IxP25
  • Support Premium Multi-range Pressure Transmitter IxP50
  • Support 140 Series PROFIBUS-PA
  • Starting PC20 is now independent of the protocol.
    It is possible to connect to one device with FoxCom protocol
    and afterwards to connect to another device with HART protocolwithout the need to leave and restart PC20.
  • Pre-Configuration for devices with different protocols (HART,
    FoxCom, Profibus) could be done in parallel.
  • There is a new File- New dialog. This selection dialog shows
    in a tree view all supported protocols and devices.
  • SRD991: In workshop mode it is possible to configure the
    Device Type (SRD991, SRD970, LinkIT)
  • SRD991: In workshop mode it is possible to configure the
    Option Boards
  • Support SRD991, SRD970, and NAF LinkIT PROFIBUS-PA positioner
  • Small toolbars and additional toolbar for communication
  • Upload function is now available for user selection
  • In the Configuration dialog for all devices the APPLY button
    is now available.
  • SRD991: Secondary measurement cycle introduced. If only the major values (setpoint, position,..) should be trended
    in a faster measurement cycle, the update time for the other
    values in the secondary measurement cycle (Internal Temp.,
    Cycle Count, Travel Sum) could be enlarged and therefore
    the time to retrieve these values minimized.
  • It should be possible to iconize the trend dialog. If the
    trend dialog is iconized the trend values are still retrieved.

Problems found and fixed in PC20 V2.3

  • Improved communication driver to reduce both communicationproblems and/or communication failures when PC20 iscommunicating to a device that is digitally integrated toI/A (CAR 90367, CAR 1000130, CAR 1000631, PT 20929, PT 20930, PT 20940, PT 21792).
  • CAR 1000799: IASPT Filter Time Constant Changes
    Changes made to IASPT filter time constant
    does not take effect until after the transmitter
    is powered down and then backed up.

Questions? Please call the Invensys Foxboro Customer Satisfaction Center

US and Canada1-866-746-6477

Or contact any Foxboro sales office or Foxboro representative.
To find your local sales office, click here.