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Tricon CX


Tricon CX

The Tricon CX compact system for safety and critical control applications in the oil and gas, power, refining, chemicals, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, where safe operations are critical and reliable operation is paramount. A certified ISA Secure system, the high integrity and highly-available Tricon CX controller ensures operational integrity This high performance, future-proof Tricon CX offers robust capability, helps maximize productivity, reliability and security while minimizing risks and the likelihood of business interruption. The advanced functionality of the Tricon CX enables online upgrades without operational disturbance.

TMR employs three isolated, parallel control systems and extensive diagnostics integrated into one system. The system uses two-out-of-three voting to provide high integrity, error-free, uninterrupted process operation with no single point of failure. Setting up applications is simplified, because the Triplicated TMR system operates as a single control system from the user's point of view. The extensive diagnostics are inherent and transparent to the programmer. All diagnostic information is stored in system variables and available to the user.

Secure defense in depth

Triconex supports a ‘defense in depth’ approach to ensure that the safety or critical control system is immune to the threats of cyber-attack.

Triconex products are certified to ISA Secure Embedded Device Secure Access (EDSA) Level 1 straight out of the box, ensuring that the systems you rely on to keep you safe are secure against external threats.

We also have a team of dedicated security experts who can help you secure your assets and comply with international standards such as IEC62443.

Protect your investment

Future proof your investment

While our platforms have one of the automation industries longest track record, we also have a commitment to protect your investments and serve your business in the future.

Our future proof philosophy protects your capital expenditure (CAPEX) through a clearly defined technology path to ensure that your systems always stay current and adhere to the latest standards.

Key Benefits

  • Maximizing process/plant uptime, productivity and yield
  • Reduced form factor by 50 percent
  • 60 percent reduction in weight
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Complies with International standards
  • Meets safety targets
  • Assists you in avoiding penalties or fines for non-compliance

Key Capabilities

  • Advanced monitoring and control capabilities including:
    • Supervised DI / DO with advanced line performance diagnostics
    • Fast Analogue Inputs with Integrated Hart
    • 1ms SOE digital input
    • Choice of direct termination or external termination panel
  • 300 percent increase in controller tag capacity
  • 5 times increase in peer to peer performance
  • ISA Secure EDSA level 1
  • New automated test and verification of safety logic