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Triconex Priority Logic Module

The Triconex Priority Logic Module (PLM) is designed to meet the needs of an expanding global power market as an integral component of Invensys nuclear industry solutions. It is the first of a series of modules to satisfy the control execution independence and defense-in-depth requirements in nuclear power plants. Its revolutionary functionality is available only from Triconex, the trusted leader in Safety systems.


Key Benefits

  • Provides the ability for a Nuclear 1E client to reduce the likelihood of common cause failures between safety related systems (e.g., 1E Tricons® ) and non-safety related systems (e.g., BPCS) in a nuclear power plant
  • Interrogates “priority” input signals from additional devices and an Emergency Control Panel
  • Based upon a defined (and testable online) set of logic, the PLM can determine the priority and assertion of control output commands to the final control actuators

Key Capabilities

  • Diversity & Defense-in-Depth receives actuation commands from multiple sources
  • Selects highest priority input to drive the actuation device
  • No Common Cause Failures between the PLM & the rest of the system
  • Simple, CPLD-based device
  • Fully testable (proof of design testing) for all input combinations and states
  • Surveillance Testing
  • Go/No Go testing