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Triconex General Purpose System

The Triconex® General Purpose (Tri-GP) System offers the best solution for critical control and provides a cost-effective entry point into the market leading Triconex Safety System product line. The Triconex line allows clients to optimize the choice of safety platform or critical control platform for their specific requirements, enabling them to meet the latest safety standards, counter global competition and address cost pressures by lowering investment and lifecycle costs.

A powerful, scalable design with assurance of continuous operation, the Tri-GP System complies with international standards such as IEC61508:2010 edition and fulfils the requirements for safety applications such as Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Fire and Gas Protection (F&G), Burner Management (BMS), and Turbomachinery Control (TMC). The triplicated architecture design provides high availability and reliability that is ideal for clients looking to achieve high process uptime, as well as meeting environmental targets.

Based on proven Triconex technology, the Tri-GP system is an extension of the field-proven Trident safety system. It is certified to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2) where, until now, price concerns had kept processes tied to the operating restrictions of lower availability architectures. The Tri-GP breaks through the budget barrier and provides customers with a powerful, cost-effective solution and an alternative control strategy to maximize both high reliability and high availability applications.

Key Benefits

  • Helps meet production goals by maximizing process uptime
  • Enables seamless inter-connectivity with third party devices through OPC UA open communication protocol
  • Maximizes profitability with high available and reliability
  • Helps reduce maintenance cost and overall cost of ownership
  • Complies with international safety standards
  • Helps clients meet safety and environmental targets
  • Mitigates environmental impact
  • Assists you in avoiding penalties or fines for non-compliance
  • Enable you to achieve competitive advantage in your markets