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Safety Software Suite

Triconex provides clients with a comprehensive suite of software solutions to help you manage and maintain safety systems. Having the right information at the right time can help you mitigate risks, avoid costly process downtime, comply with regulations and help you achieve your production targets. The suite of intelligent applications offers you the leverage you need to maintain your process operating safely, efficiently and make decisions in a timely manner.

Our Safety Software Suite includes:

TriStation 1131 (TS1131)
An IEC1131-compliant configuration and application development environment for Triconex fault tolerant controllers.

Enhanced Diagnostic Monitor (EnDM)
A health monitor application that allows the user to perform maintenance and troubleshooting activities via plant network from any computer or even from the Distributed Control System (DCS).

Sequence of Events Recorder (SOE)
A sequence of event data retrieval software application that retrieves events recorded by the Tricon/Trident controller and organizes them in user readable view for trip analysis.

Dynamic Data Exchange Server (DDE Server)
A Windows application that enables DDE-compliant clients (HMI) to request data from Triconex controllers.

TriLogger Suite– High Speed Event Recorder
Provides unmatched ease, speed, and reliability in recording, playing back, and analyzing operating data from your Tricon and Trident system.


Key Benefits

  • A suite of applications that provides a comprehensive set of tools that helps manage your business cost effectively
  • Windows-based software packages that take advantage of latest technology
  • User-friendly interface for application development, diagnostic monitoring and event recording

Key Capabilities

  • TS1131 is compliant to IEC 61131 standard supporting Function Blocks, Ladder Logic and Structure Text programming languages
  • Cause and Effects Matrix programming editor is also supported
  • EnDM operates independently from TriStation1131 and allows the user have full visibility of the safety systems health status
  • SOE Recorder application can simultaneously collect event data from as many as 31 networked Triconex controllers enabling the view of all critical events that occur in the plant
  • The DDE Server protocol allows Windows applications to share data
  • TriLogger Easily replays up to 12 trend sets, each with up to 6 data points, in real time, on-site or remotely
Industrial Safety Software, Manage Process Operating Safety Systems 

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