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Customer Success Story


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Schneider Electric Foxboro DCS System Key Power Station Upgrade


  • GDF Suez initiated a plan to split control of a 14.7-kilometer gas pipeline running between its Teesside Power Station and a gas reception facility and a gas processing plant which provides dual natural gas fuel supplies for the plant
  • A robust solution was needed to replace signals originally collected by kilo-stream telemetry and then transmitted via analog telephone lines through a gateway to the distributed control system at the gas processing plant
  • Relocate the control facilities and associated data to the control room at the TPS


  • The company mandated that the power station control system update occur live, because shutting down the natural gas supply pipeline would incur significant financial losses


  • The Schneider Electric® solution delivered greater system efficiencies as obsolete equipment was upgraded to current power facility control technology
  • GDF Suez benefited from improved engineering know-how that enables plant managers to better analyze possible problems and enhance and modify the control system as required
  • The power station now has improved overall safety since signal collection at much higher frequencies provides real-time data to more immediately identify and address potential issues

“Schneider Electric delivered a significant amount of flexibility and capabilities to the system design.”

—Derren Wicks, Lead Maintenance Engineer

Solutions and Products

  • Foxboro® I/A Series® Distributed Control System
  • Foxboro AIM*Historian
  • Wonderware® InTouch® HMI
  • Eurotherm® single-loop controllers