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Customer Success Story


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Duke Power Upgrades Oconee Nuclear Station Turbine with a Digital Control System from Schneider Electric


  • Improve current diagnostic software to quickly pinpoint, locate and guide troubleshooting
  • Upgrade current hard-panel interface (cumbersome switches and meters, running tests, and acquiring readings) and enable operators to execute start-up and valve tests more efficiently than with the current analog system and stay in constant communication with the controller


  • Locate a control solution to eliminate any single point of failure in the nuclear power production function and provide redundancy while reducing the cost of downtime and outages


  • Helps in providing 17,000 megawatts of electricity to more than two million customers
  • New triple redundant system assists in the continuous safe operation, reliability and safety of the plant
  • Eliminated one of the top sources of system trips on one of its three turbines
  • The new digital system eliminated recalibration which took a week in the previous analog system

“Not having to rely on an outside vendor is a big benefit. We have more control to modify the logic design of the system to match the needs of our plant. With the digital control system, we can easily make enhancements.”

—Marlon Dempsey, Instruments and Controls Engineer

Solutions and Products

  • Wonderware System Platform
  • Wonderware Performance Software
  • Wonderware InTouch® HMI
  • Wonderware ActiveFactory™ Software
  • Wonderware Historian Software