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Customer Success Story


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At Bluewater, the clearest path to Modernization is through Schneider Electric


  • To replace and upgrade the existing integrated control and safety systems
  • To achieve ‘First Oil’ on time in order to avoid contract penalties and lost production
  • To maximize the availability/uptime of the control and safety systems and to minimize the total cost of ownership


  • The Project teams are located in multiple locations, that is, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany and Singapore
  • Process data from the new ICSS, including serial interfaces, safety systems and new I/Os, were available only in the very late stages before the planned FAT
  • The original DCS had to be kept ‘alive’ as long as possible and the existing safety systems had to remain operational with just a few hours available to upgrade


  • After replacing the Emerson ProVox and Delta V DCS systems and implementing a new integrated control and safety systems on the Glas Dowr, Bluewater was able to successfully meet ‘First Oil’ date on time
  • Bluewater and its customer can now monitor the control and safety systems, both on and offshore, in real time

“The Glas Dowr Kitan project has been a tremendous success for all parties. We were impressed with the Schneider Electric attitude throughout the project and their ‘change the game’ approach. It is one thing to have a good project plan in place, but another to actually execute and deliver.”

—Ernest Hofstee, Senior Project Manager, Bluewater

Solutions and Products

  • Foxboro® I/A Series® Distributed Control System
  • Triconex® Tricon™ Triple Redundant Safety System
  • Triconex Trident™ Safety System
  • Wonderware® Historian
  • Foxboro Field Devices