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Reduce maintenance costs, increase your Foxboro system return on investment and maximize system uptime with RemoteWatch. Besides proactively monitoring the status and health of your system, RemoteWatch makes life simpler with several new features, including stronger cyber security defense; the ability to automatically and securely store system backups; and the ability to troubleshoot network switch issues. Allow RemoteWatch to help with these tasks so you can focus on higher value tasks in order to keep your plant running.



Why Schneider Electric?Proven Success

The success that our customers enjoy is the direct result of Schneider Electric’ long history of innovation, combined with a unique perspective on the industry that comes from our strong heritage of delivering results, addressing the most complex and impactful of challenges. Trust us to provide your automation and control needs and ensure its optimum health.

Why Customer FIRST? Proven Success

RemoteWatch is available through Schneider Electric’ support and services program, Customer FIRST. Consider joining this program to protect and extend the value of your products and solutions. Read More