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Main Automation Contractor

Invensys formula to a successful MAC project is simple: combine an extensive engineering perspective with rigorous project management, support it by leading edge technologies and deliver it by people who care. Through our proven experience and approach, you will see reduced risk of implementation, as well as reduced ongoing ownership costs in your process automation project.


  • Premier Control System

    Premier Control System

    • Robust, scalable, easy to use
    • Designed for enterprise integration, from small plants to the very largest process complexes
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  • Reliable Safety Systems
  • Software Applications

    Advanced Software Applications

    • Industry-leading simulation software
    • Advanced process control

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  • MAC Deliverables

    MAC Deliverables

    Reduced project risk, Management and engineering efficiencies, accelerated schedules, lower comprehensive costs and greater value is what you can expect with our MAC approach.
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Why Invensys?

A larger portion of our organization is devoted to automation than with most other MACs, through our world-leading brands such as Foxboro, Triconex, Wonderware and SimSci and our continuously current, scalable solutions ensure that you meet the shifting challenges of the global economy.
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Why the MAC Approach? Invensys Dairy Industry Solutions

Read our whitepaper to see how a MAC approach can help reduce risk in large-scale process automation projects. Read more

Proven Success Proven Success     

Invensys has the expertise of a multinational engineering company that has experienced more than a century of success. Read how we have helped end-users and EPCs succeed. Read more