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Lifecycle Management


Lifecycle Management

Invensys Product Lifecycle discipline plays a strong underlying role in customer support. Because all products move through lifecycle phases as they age, customers will benefit from having a clear understanding of product lifecycle phases, which have a direct relationship to the supportability of each product. As a Customer FIRST member, you will receive Lifecycle Management Services to help you identify and manage the key lifecycle stages of your assets to avoid obsolescence.

Key Benefits

  • Annual Lifecycle Assessment Report – As a Customer FIRST member, you will receive a snapshot of valuable information regarding the current state of your Invensys system configuration, including the ‘Invensys system lifecycle phase’ of each component
  • Upgrade Planning Roadmap – Invensys will work with you to develop an annually updated, high-level upgrade roadmap for your site
  • Upgrade and Migration Plan – Invensys will partner with you to strategize replacement of legacy or competitive systems with current Invensys technology

Key Capabilities

  • Consistent guidelines for product support, compatibility, availability and repair for our customers
  • Excellent visibility to where products are in their lifecycles
  • Predictable product support timelines to enable customers to plan product upgrades in advance of reaching obsolescence
  • Proactive approach provides a comprehensive view of product lifecycle phases, phase transition timing, and available support during each phase

Flexible Funds

Technical Support

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