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Access to Reports


Access to Reports

Schneider Electric Product Lifecycle discipline plays a strong underlying role in customer support. Because all products move through lifecycle phases as they age, customers will benefit from having a clear understanding of product lifecycle phases, which have a direct relationship to the supportability of each product. With Customer FIRST, you will receive vital reports to help you identify and manage the key lifecycle stages of your assets.

Key Benefits

  • Annual Lifecycle Assessment Report – Receive current lifecycle status of the products in use at your site.
  • Upgrade Planning Roadmap – facilitates short- and long-term upgrade planning decisions.
  • Upgrade and Migration Plan – Schneider Electric will partner with you to strategize replacement of legacy or competitive systems with current Schneider Electric technology

Key Capabilities

  • Consistent guidelines for product support, compatibility, availability and repair for our customers
  • Excellent visibility to where products are in their lifecycles
  • Predictable product support timelines to enable customers to plan product upgrades in advance of reaching obsolescence
  • Proactive approach provides a comprehensive view of product lifecycle phases, phase transition timing, and available support during each phase

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