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Flexible Funds


Flexible Funds

The Customer FIRST program provides optional services that are designed to further help you reduce costs, maximize productivity, accelerate projects and protect your investment. Tailor your enrollment in the Customer FIRST Program with the optional services that align best with your business requirements and strategies and conveniently pay for these services through the Flexible Services Fund.


Key Benefits

  • Avoid the administrative headaches of multiple approval cycles by obtaining funds up front and including it in your annual support agreement
  • Flexible Funds can be used for labor-based support and services that include Onsite Corrective Assistance, Site Engineering Service, Consulting and Training Services, and time spent installing hardware or software
  • Flexible Funds can also be used to replace major system components in the event of a module failure 

Key Capabilities

  • Use your Flexible Funds to access our world-class engineers and replacement parts when you need them
  • Funds are easy to use; usage is deducted during the enrollment period, and any residual balance is applied to a beginning balance for the next enrollment period
  • Wealth of options for Flexible Funds including: Flexible Services Fund, Flexible Material Fund, Training Growth Fund and Advantage Upgrade Fund