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Learning Services

The journey to performance can be efficient and effective, such as found in well designed training. Invensys Learning Services provides all the components to efficiently construct the bridge between where you are today in technical performance and where you want to be in the future. Invensys Learning Services provides learning services and has a curriculum of more than 200 courses and learning solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your workforce. Our learning solutions are designed to maximize plant availability and utilization through the following:

  • Establishing consistency of methods and applications
  • Managing risks through reducing incorrect methods, applications and design
  • Maximizing revenue and margins through improved performance

Please click on the Learn more link for the specific Brand below to Register for a Course.


    If you are unable to find your desired course(s) please click here to send us an email, or call 866-766-6477 to speak with us directly.



      Avantis software offerings represent the core of the Invensys Asset Performance Management solution set. These maintenance repair and operations solutions provide maintenance management, spares and inventory capability. Learn more

      Process Instrumentation and Control

      Invensys career fundamentals and principles courses provide the structure on which to build a smooth path to knowledge and skills. Learn more

      Foxboro I/A Series Systems

      Designed to meet the total intelligent automation needs of complex integrated systems that control critical or hazardous operations and require non-stop operation and state-of-the-art security. Learn more

      Foxboro Evo

      The Foxboro Evo system performs in myriad ways to reduce risks to your process and protect your profitability. No common mode of failure, integration with the world’s leading safety system and a three-pronged cyber security approach help ensure minimum downtime and continuous production. Unsurpassed alignment of process and business strategies, embedded operator guidance and optimum lifecycle management help ensure business continuity. Learn more


      Invensys' safety and critical control solutions have the ability to provide a wide variety of critical applications. Learn more


      Wonderware delivers significant cost reductions associated with designing, building, deploying and maintaining secure and standardized applications for manufacturing and infrastructure operations. Learn more


      SimSci’s advanced applications have improved asset performance and utilization with integrated simulation, optimization, training, and process control software and services. Learn more