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A key concern facing companies today is the impact and role Cyber Security is playing within both their operational processes and business requirements. Within Invensys, we are taking the following steps to ensure our products and solutions are:

  1. Developed – utilizing the best- in-class security development life-cycle program
  2. Tested – through the National labs testing programs, Wurldtech device Certification & Invensys QA security specific testing
  3. Implemented – using FAT & SAT security base-lining measures
  4. Supported – required infrastructure in place to provide a liftetime of support
  5. Improved – offering Modernization, Advantage & Migration programs

Invensys has equally and globally positioned Cyber Security consulting teams comprised of both control and certified cyber security professionals to support your ongoing cyber security needs.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to provide the best-in-class cyber security experts
  • Compliance with all industry, regulatory and international standards
  • Implementation of cyber security measures with a full understanding of the various operational environments
  • Address cyber security with a full life-cycle vision

Key Capabilities

  • Deploy control system security experts with regional and global understanding of requirements
  • Implement cyber security solutions not only as a means of protection but also provide enhanced business visibility and capabilities
  • Ability to leverage best in class security technologies


Security and Safety 

Client Cyber Security Successes

Invensys provided a fully managed cyber security environment for a major oil refinery.

Global Cyber Security teams have successfully completed system security assessments for over the past 6 years.

Invensys Solutions Facilitate Compliance with NERC Cyber Security Standards

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