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News Release

Wonderware InBatch Software 9.5

New release offers scalability in batch management

InBatch can be used in complex batching processes that require high flexibility.
Invensys Operations Management has released a new version of its Wonderware InBatch software. The updated software brings the ability to use a single batch history server as the central historian data repository for multiple InBatch servers. New batch markup language (BML) standards-based recipe import/export capabilities enable external applications to store recipe versions in a document-management system for regulatory requirements or compliance reasons, or to use in-house applications to create new recipes or recipe versions. Additionally, it provides support for Windows Server 2008 R2 for the batch server, as well as the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system for the batch clients.
Product overview:
InBatch software offers the full range of batch management capabilities, including recipe management, batch execution management, equipment history, material genealogy, stringent security, Web-based reporting and the ability to facilitate the design and implementation of systems that are compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.
The software’s uniqueness is in its comprehensive capabilities model, going beyond ISA-S88, so that the runtime batch engine can manage these flexible product paths, including equipment allocation/arbitration, and allowing batch execution management for multiple, concurrent batches on shared equipment and connections.
Key capabilities:
  • Maximized equipment utilization through secure, simultaneous execution of multiple and concurrent batches by intelligent equipment arbitration, allocation and release, handled by the InBatch server;
  • Conforms to ISA-88 and beyond;
  • Transfer classes and material management concept enables connections and transfers management in a single phase and provides full batch genealogy;
  • Integration with ArchestrA System Platform extends rich software functionality that can be used as an abstraction layer, protecting existing control code in brownfield sites;
  • Operates independently of the control system to simplify control code and maintenance.
Where can I see more?
For more information about Wonderware InBatch software, please visit

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