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News Release

SimSci-Esscor Connoisseur 15.4

Connoisseur control enables the process to be driven closer to maximum limits.
Invensys Operations Management has released a new version of its SimSci-Esscor Connoisseur comprehensive, advanced process control software. The new release brings several usability improvements that ease modeling, configuring, connecting and analyzing advanced process control capabilities. Additionally, it provides support for the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.
Product overview:
Connoisseur connects directly to the process and uses plant signals to analyze, identify and model the significant cause-and-effect relationships in a process, providing engineers with valuable insight into process behavior and an understanding of process characteristics.
Because of disturbances and interaction in the process, engineers must keep key quality variables away from spec limits by an amount proportional to the overall variability of the key quality parameters. By deploying the Connoisseur software, the variability of these key quality parameters is greatly reduced, and the software is able to move the process closer to its specification limits, helping to reduce energy consumption and realize more profit.
Key capabilities:
• Adaptive multivariable control: Powerful, online adaptive facilities enable maintenance and development of the controller while in operation.
• Data collection and analysis: Connoisseur performs a series of process response tests that collect dynamically rich data with little or no disruption to normal process operations.
• Dynamic process modeling: Connoisseur provides tighter control of key process variables, which are based on a dynamic model.
• Multiple model sets and gain scheduling: Connoisseur uses online gain scheduling and can switch automatically between multiple model sets without turning the controller off.
• Process optimization: Connoisseur manages process constraints, such as absolute limits on valve motion and rate-of-change limits on process variables.
Where can I see more?
For more information about Connoisseur Model Predictive Control, please visit

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