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Foxboro SCADA

The Foxboro SCADA system consists of world class RTUs, including the specialized SCD5200 for substation and electrical applications. The SCD2100 and SCD2200 RTUs are ideal for a wide variety of SCADA applications such as oil and gas pipelines, well heads, water and wastewater, tank farms, and more. The Foxboro SCADA offering is also backed up by globally recognized solutions for industrial power management, power generation, oil and gas pipelines, and water.



Power RTU-SCD5200

This model RTU provides a distributed, fast time resolution RTU used for data gathering and IEC 61850 client applications. The RTU is used in Electric Power, and high end Oil & Gas applications. Read More

Production RTU-SCD2200

This model RTU provides a modular low cost redundant RTU solution for Oil & Gas applications and also commonly used in the Water & Wastewater industry.
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Well Head RTU-SCD2100

This model RTU provides a singular low cost, ultra low power class 1 div2 solution for collection of a limited quantity of I/O, from very remote sites in both Oil & Gas and Water & Wastewater industries.
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Foxboro PAC

The Foxboro PAC set of IO and controllers has the unique functionality of being a powerful RTU used primarily in the water industry and a robust control system. When used in tandem at water facilities for plant and remote locations its power is unrivaled. Read more

Foxboro SCADA Applications

World class applications for Power, Oil & Gas, and Water are applied with our RTUs and Wonderware software. Because of the flexibility and power of Wonderware virtually any controller or RTU can be incorporated into our suite of SCADA applications. Read more