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Fieldbus Technology

Invensys offers a truly open automation system that interoperates with multiple device types, from multiple vendors, with multiple protocols, most commonly found in process plants.

The Foxboro® line of control and I/O devices provide seamless integration of fieldbus capabilities, including Fieldbus Foundation, Fieldbus Foundation Control in the Field, HART, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Modbus, and our own FoxCom, among others. Invensys is also a leading contributor to the emerging Field Device Tool (FDT) technology and is proud to be a founding member of the FDT Joint Interest Group.

As fieldbus technology continues to grow and expand, Invensys interoperability and anybus strategy will continue to meet the varying needs of the diverse process automation market. This philosophy allows multiple fieldbus communications while accommodating the user’s choice of instrumentation without restrictions on device types or suppliers. Whether new or existing installations, with I/A Series interoperability and anybus capabilities, users can maintain their preferences because the system adapts to the user.

Proven Foxboro I/A Series® remote fieldbus and field mounted FBMs have demonstrated significant wiring savings, up to 70%, compared to conventional methods. Ethernet connect I/O can be placed in the control center, close to the control processors and workstations, or out in the field, close to the process measurement and control devices. The I/A Series system has the capacity to handle multiple I/O types at that remote drop, including traditional I/O and intelligent FF, DeviceNet, HART, PROFIBUS DP and PA, FoxCom.

Invensys Foxboro Profibus Solutions 

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Key Benefits

  • Lower maintenance and installation costs of field devices
  • Boost engineering & maintenance productivity
  • Increased uptime and performance
  • Reductions in instrument caused plant downtime

Key Capabilities

  • Anybus:  Support for DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, HART
  • Field Device Manager openness with FDT allowing any device from any vendor
  • Reduced engineering time and increased productivity with fast and easy device configuration,  commissioning and asset management
  • Fault Tolerant Controllers & Redundant Fieldbus Modules
  • Control-in-the-Field (CIF) can significantly improve the performance of PID loops used on processes having short time constants
  • Fully integrated engineering & maintenance environment