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Controllers and I/O

Boost system productivity with powerful controllers & I/O. The Foxboro Control & I/O sub-system combines seamless, fully integrated control with a powerful set of tools to optimize your plants productivity & performance.

The latest generation of Foxboro controllers can coexist with and migrate from the earliest generations of Foxboro hardware. The CP280 provide twice the capacity and three times the performance of older controllers - improving cost effectiveness in demanding applications. Foxboro control processors are optionally fault-tolerant & perform regulatory, logic, timing & sequential control, as well as data acquisition, alarm detection & notification.

Patented Fault-tolerance. Providing the highest availability of any system in the process industry, Foxboro hardware is engineered for non-stop operation. Fault-tolerance resides at all levels of the system, from process controllers to redundant field networks & fieldbus modules. With innovative industrial packaging & rugged environmental protection, with optional intrinsically safe capabilities, our Control & I/O solution promises unsurpassed reliability for your process. Foxboro controllers and I/O products are designed to run in G3 environments on the plant floor with up to a 60º C ambient temperature. Use of fiber cabling in the controller virtually eliminates noise and grounding problems in the system.

Key Benefits

  • Lower field wiring costs
  • High performance, high accuracy, fast updates
  • Reduced component count, for ultra-high reliability & quality

Key Capabilities

  • Fit for purpose I/O solutions - Remote, local, universal, intrinsically safe I/O modules
  • Redundant Ethernet Fieldbus Network
  • Hot-swappable modules
  • Continuous, batch, & discrete control schemes  
  • Plant-wide integration of data
  • Distributed local &/or remote I/O Power distribution security
  • Environmental ruggedness