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Foxboro Evo Process Automation System

  • Protect


    Don't get caught with your plants down. Business continuity is critical to every company, but in the continuous process industries, business disruption can be especially dangerous and costly. The Foxboro Evo process automation system helps you protect your plant with safe, available, secure operations. Read More »
  • Engineer
    Take it easy and let the work come to you. The Foxboro Evo process automation system offers an Engineer anywhere capability with intuitive configuration tools and flexible design capabilities to reduce your workload and reduce project risk. Spend less time trying to figure out why the last person did what they did and more time troubleshooting and improving your process. Read More »
  • Operate
    The cure for TMI has arrived. Operate in light of the best information available to eliminate operational error, improve responsiveness, and increase productivity with the Foxboro Evo process automation system.
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  • Manage
    Closed loop business control comes of age. The Foxboro Evo process automation system helps you run your plant with enterprise insight ensuring future-proof operations for lowest total cost of ownership, and real-time collaboration for overall business profitability.
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  • Maintain
    The Foxboro Evo process automation system encourages maintenance teams to move from a reactive to proactive culture. Count on an integrated toolset, contextualized alerts and guided workflow to prevent incidents before they happen and maximize plant uptime.
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This Changes EveryoneFoxboro Evo - Advanced Process Automation System

You’ve been waiting for a control system that shines light into every corner of the plant. So every member of your team can be enlightened – with the context-rich information they need to manage risk and turn opportunities into profits. A system with the power and flexibility to know the past, collaborate in the ever-evolving present, and even predict the future. This is the next generation of advanced process automation. This is Foxboro Evo