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Protect your business

Safety is your number one priority. Unexpected risk to your operation is always just around the corner – whether it be cyber security breaches, natural disasters, or disruptions to safe and smooth production. You need a tried and true platform you can trust to keep your plant running and intelligent tools to help you quickly remedy any situation, or better yet, help you prevent an incident before it even happens. The Foxboro Evo Process Automation system extends the robust, proven platform of the I/A Series system to deliver integration with our world-leading safety system, improved security, reliability, availability and performance and, of course, peace of mind.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure continuously safe, available, secure operations
  • Prevent an incident before it happens
  • Enable fast responses to faults at every level
  • Unify safety and control user experience, without jeopardizing hardware integrity 

Key Capabilities

  • Intelligent integration of the world’s leading emergency shutdown system provides an option for integrated control and safety functionality, available through a single operator interface
  • No single point of hardware and software failure
  • Pervasive redundancy in hardware and software optimizes system availability and reduces risk
  • State-of-the-art cyber security hardening is designed and implemented throughout the system to enhance risk reduction