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Manage with the right perspective

Successful management means ensuring your business is always ready for tomorrow, today. How can you leverage existing assets efficiently and cost-effectively while remaining competitive in the ever evolving market? Today’s industrial companies need to future-proof both their technologies and their operations to be able to effectively compete. The Foxboro Evo process automation system is designed to Future Proof your investment. That is, allow you to make investments in technology today which will not be made obsolete by new innovations or technology changes in the future. Traditional process automation, safety control, and advanced industrial applications are incorporated into a single real-time domain designed to improve the operational integrity of industrial plants and operational insight of each worker as they grow into the future.

Key Benefits

  • Safe operations
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • A Future proof plant
  • Decision making based on real-time information
  • Enhanced Cyber security and reduced risk
  • Greater profitability

Key Features

  • Cost-effective, flexible upgrade and modernization solutions
  • Real-time dashboards that keep everyone on the same strategic page
  • Enterprise performance modeling and monitoring
  • Enhanced security and safety controls supporting ongoing regulatory compliance