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Engineer with intuitive ease

Whether you are implementing a new system or fine-tuning an existing one, the Foxboro Evo Engineering Software provides you with a powerful, integrated design environment to simplify and speed up your engineering efforts and provides the flexibility you need to make last minute changes without jeopardizing schedule or project integrity. Intuitive configuration tools enable easy, effortless design and present information in a way that is easy to understand, troubleshoot and reduce manual steps. Remote engineering and virtualization capabilities bring the work to you, not the other way around, improving speed, accuracy and reducing risk.

Key Benefits

  • Greater visibility of legacy processes and control strategies to engineering logic
  • Intuitive configuration and fault finding
  • Risk-free testing of control configurations
  • Flexibility to make changes with minimal schedule impact
  • Workload reduced up to 60%
  • Faster diagnosis and remediation  

Key Features

  • Configuration tools for highly intuitive design & integrated engineering and device maintenance
  • Dynamic Appearance Objects based on SAMA symbolism enables automatic self-updates as changes are made
  • Fast, easy upgrades with control strategy bulk generation and migration tools
  • Engineer anywhere with remote capabilities that remove constraints of time and location
  • New field control processor that doubles processing speed in a smaller footprint
  • 100% software configurable Universal I/O for flexible, future plant expansions and upgrades
  • Safe, high-fidelity, virtual environment for learning complex procedures