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Secure, optimized lifecycle engineering

System Auditor is the secure choice to ensure operational integrity throughout the lifecycle of your plant. System Auditor is the most comprehensive system management solution for your configuration management, alarm management, operator action analysis and overall documentation needs. System Auditor is designed specifically for the Foxboro DCS product line and helps you meet the increasing demand of compliance and traceability to ensure your plant is continually operating in a safe and secure way.

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency across the lifecycle engineering process
  • Increased plant safety with system management & documentation
  • Optimized system configuration to ensure top performance
  • Increased system auditing reliability and quality
  • Improved operator efficiency with alarm shelving capabilities
  • Reduced risk in project upgrades and expansions

Key Capabilities

  • Change Tracking with a complete Management of Change workflow process
  • Graphical visualization of the Control Block Loops
  • Complete Cross References
  • Integrity Checks to solve all DCS configuration issues
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Modular Keyboard Manager
  • Alarms and Operator Action Statistics and Tracking
  • Master Alarm Database for managing the alarm system
  • Locate and Reserve I/O FBM Spares
  • Advance Query Engine to quickly fetch any DCS information