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Safety Lifecycle Services

Safety is paramount for protection of personnel and equipment within manufacturing and industrial organizations. To meet your needs, Schneider Electric’s Process Safety Engineering Consulting group focuses on the specialized field of "Safety and Reliability" consulting services for the chemical, refining, utility, pulp & paper, manufacturing and nuclear industries.

Common Questions:
Why is conforming to safety standards important?
Why should process safety engineers be certified?



Safety Consulting Services are delivered through a group with the expertise and field experience to help solve any part or the complete puzzle associated with managing process risk and functional safety. Read More

Safety Project Flow

Safety Consulting provides National and International Standards compliance verification, risk analysis, assessment, and reduction methodologies through the application of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). Read More

TÜV FSEng Training

Functional Safety Engineering courses, in cooperation with TÜV Industrie Service GmbH provides the training your organization needs to meet compliance requirements.
Read More

Safety Consulting Services Training Schedule

The Process Safety Engineering Consulting group is pleased to offer the Invensys Premier Functional Safety Engineering course at the following dates and locations. Read More