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Infusion Enterprise Control SystemInvensys is the only automation company with the experience and track record in Safety and Critical Control as demonstrated by its 30 years of experience in safety systems, in excess of 13,000 installed systems used today in safety and critical control applications worldwide. They have collectively amassed more than 600 million hours of safe operation. In addition, Triconex controllers are the only approved Nuclear Regulatory Commission Commercial Off-The-Shelf controller for Nuclear 1E Applications with a significant number of TÜV Certified Functional Safety Engineers deployed worldwide and patented TMR technology.

Invensys' safety and critical control Tricon™ and Trident™ platforms have the ability to provide a wide variety of critical applications including Emergency Shutdown, NFPA85 certified for Burner Management, NFPA72 and EN54 certified for Fire and Gas and Turbomachinery Control and Protection Systems.

For 30 years, Triconex solutions have been helping organizations manage risk and hazards and avoid unscheduled asset downtime and maximize process uptime. For those clients who value safety first, Triconex has been the proven partner of choice. Read More



The Tricon is a state-of-the-art fault tolerant controller based on a Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture. It was the first completely triple-redundant, industrially ruggedized and cost-effective system in the industry and our most trusted safety controller. Read More

Safety View

Safety View provides the highest level of safety integrity for critical alarm applications. It is the world’s first software solution for effective alarm and bypass management that is TÜV certified for use in applications up to Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3). Read More


Trident is designed to fit small applications where, until now, price concerns had kept processes tied to the operating restrictions of dual and simplex architectures. 
Read More

General Purpose System

The Triconex General Purpose System is a TÜV-certified Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2) safety instrumented system. The system design is based on redundant high-availability architecture and it provides a lower-cost entry point into the market-leading Triconex safety system product line. Read More

Safety Software Suite

Triconex® provides clients with a comprehensive suite of software solutions to help you manage and maintain safety systems. Read More

Safety Video Display Unit

The Triconex Safety Video Display Unit (SVDU) is an operator workstation that provides HMI (Human Machine Interface) functionality for safety-related nuclear applications. The SVDU enables effective decision-making through the availability of safety information in one single HMI and allows clients to access plant-wide safety information within context. Read More 

Tofino Firewall

Triconex Tofino Firewall is a security appliance that protects the Tricon controller from potential disruption due to excess data traffic in the network.  Read More 

Priority Logic Module

The Triconex Priority Logic Module provides diversity in nuclear power plants by providing a means to prioritize the diverse control signals to produce a final control signal to the safety related control element. Read More

Safety Lifecycle Services

The Safety Lifecycle Engineering Group focuses on the specialized field of "Safety and Reliability" consulting services for the chemical, refining, utility, pulp & paper, manufacturing and nuclear industries. Read More


For Power Generation, Chemical, Pipeline, Liquid Natural Gas and other industries, Turbomachinery often represents the most costly and critical capital equipment in the production environment. Read More