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SCADA Hardware

You can count on Invensys to provide world-class SCADA solutions as part of the overall InFusion ECS. As part of this, there are a number of preferred Foxboro Brand hardware products used to support SCADA systems worldwide, with full global 24/7 support from Invensys.



Power RTU-SCD5200

This model RTU provides a distributed, fast time resolution RTU used for data gathering and IEC 61850 client applications. The RTU is used in Electric Power, and high end Oil & Gas applications. Read More

Production RTU-SCD2200

This model RTU provides a modular low cost redundant RTU solution for Oil & Gas applications and also commonly used in the Water & Wastewater industry.
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Well Head RTU-SCD2100

This model RTU provides a singular low cost, ultra low power class 1 div2 solution for collection of a limited quantity of I/O, from very remote sites in both Oil & Gas and Water & Wastewater industries.
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